Our understanding of the earth comes from going outside and loving all that this planet has to offer everyday. We get into nature as often as we can. We make it part of our lives to connect to the outdoors daily sometimes several times a day. Nature is our most revered teacher and guide.

We feel like man has become an innovative capitalist he thinks he is smarter than nature which is an oxymoron as that means he is smarter than himself because, when you get down to it, we ARE Nature. How can we out smart ourselves? We have become advanced creatures in many ways, and yet we have detached from what makes us powerful… our connection to Nature.

We come from the earth… the soil is a beginning source of life. It is rich in minerals, living organisms and healing bacteria. Soil is the birthplace of small creatures, plants and organisms that feed the trees, all plants, which in turn feed us. It is a harmonious partnership that we all engage in, whether consciously or not. And when you pay attention to it your life becomes more conscious. What we breathe in… Oxygen the trees breathe out… what we exhale, CO2 the trees breathe in. The American Indians call the trees our relatives, a very important relationship don't you think? We think this is a profound contract.

The soil's minerals help balance our body chemistry… plant based minerals are important to our health ie; digestion hormone balancing and energy levels among many other benefits. We are made up of 45 TO 50% bacteria…. The bacteria from soil aids our digestion … it improves our intestinal tract. The bacteria enables us to absorb the nutrients of the nature born food we eat. It fights off disease and supports life. Unfortunately we are killing off the bacteria in our soil…. with GMO'S (genetically modified organisms)/ man made crops… these crops are eliminating the very information that promotes life!!! Man thinking he is smarter than Nature again. Still Mother Nature knows what she is doing and keeps balancing the needs of all living creatures. You can see how strong our union with Her is.

We have stunning fruit and vegetable gardens in our back yard. They are biodynamic raised garden beds and they are becoming part of our ever-widening connection to Nature. When you grow food especially organic or in this case biodynamic food (biodynamic is organic on steroids… no hormones pesticides and the planting and growing is correlated to the cycles of the moon stars and sun) your connection to Nature becomes profound…. you touch the soil, (an energetic connection) you water the plants, (attending to your plant's needs connects you to them), you watch them grow and you harvest them and finally you ingest the food from the garden making the connection complete. The energy we get from the food keeps that relationship alive. It is a partnership … a circle of life that helps you create more awareness in yourself and enhances the purity with which you show up in the world..

Not everyone can grow their own garden but EVERYONE can plant some herbs or different kinds of lettuce in a flowerpot in a windowsill…. It doesn't matter where you live… you can plant something and when you do you will see, actually you will feel, how this makes you more connected. The question of "How would Nature do it?" is what we ask ourselves everyday and you can too.

Another way to connect to the earth is by watching a sunrise and or sunset with your shoes off and we go deeply into that in another blog on Sun. The Sun shines for us all.

Tips on Connecting to the EARTH

1. Watch a sunrise or sunset with bare feet

2. Walk barefoot outside in Nature trails lawn meadows beach fields a few minutes a day will help you connect with yourself and your environment around you.

3. Plant a garden (even a flower pot size) with something you can eat herbs lettuce tomatoes something…

4. Go outside walk around the block or wherever you are and breath in and out deeply.

5. Look at the sky while lying on your back in the grass…listen to the wind feel the breeze….These things are free! It will remind you of being a kid, make you smile and heal a heavy heart.